Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Capture the Colour!


This picture was taken in LA when I went with friends after finishing University. It was hard finding a picture that stood out and was different as although I had a lot of pictures that were of blue skies and blue sea it was hard to pick a favourite. I opted for the photo cos it was different and I love the slogan and it reminds me of relaxing on the beautiful beaches which really were spotless!


This picture was taken in Barcelona, I love the quirky little cactus!! The backdrop is the incredible views of Barcelona and we were lucky it was such a beautiful day. The cactus really did stand out like a sore thumb amongst the other shrubs and plants, ain't he cute!


This is probably my favourite picture amongst the ones I have chosen. This was taken again in America, this time in a state called Fresno and we happen to be there on one the most important days of their American Football League, we decided to join in with the upbeat team spirits and don some Fresno Dogs tshirts and get ourseleves to the game! We ended up coming across a huge university field party and got involved with Beer pong and red cups - basically everything you would associate with American parities! We made some great friends and learnt some drinking games to bring back to the UK with us!

The above picture was taken a couple of months ago in Pisa. It's over the Leaning Tower and a cloudy sky, I love this picture because i feel it is so simplistic yet pretty! The leaning tower was a great experience, although I am sickly scared of heights I plucked up the courage and went to the top, it was the weirdest feeling ever climbing up as it was so lobsided you felt as though you were slightly tipsy!


To me nothing somethings up the colour yellow and traveling quite like the statement Yellow Taxi's of New York. I remember when we first stepped out into Times Square, the feeling of being in a city so full of colour and life was amazing, especially seen as we have all grown up watching films set in NYC. the above picture shows everything that New York is about, not just yellow taxi's but people, busyiness and colour :)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

DKNY Purse

There is a great competition running on Sophee's blog for a to die for DKNY red leather purse - I love it!

Image taken from Sophee's blog:

Isn't it gorgous?!

My current purse has seen better days so I have my fingers crossed for this!!

Good luck!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Team GB!

I have been feeling very patriotic these past few weeks and I am loving the Olympics Fever which has swept the nation! I was lucky enough to be in London last week for the Beach Volley Ball and loved it! The 2012 Olympics really have inspired a generation and brought the country together!

I have been sporting red, blue and white colours this week (by accident at first but I'm going to try and continue the trend!) and came across this dress in Junk Shop Manchester, it really is the best way to sure your support!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Super Shades

So the sun has been quite the tease recently, it's the middle of summer and she is in hiding but letting her rays loose every now and again, giving us the slightest hope of a normal summer but then she takes it all away and the heavens open!

However I am ever the optimist and like to think that come August we will be basking in the hot summer heat, eating ice lollies and wearing our cute summer dresses that have been neglected for many months!

But as well as dresses there is one other summer staple which I can't wait to have back in my life... sunglasses!

Having a look at smartbuyglasses and there are so many I like!

I'm a big fan of:

Persol PO0714 Polarized 24/57

These bad boys are reduced from £233 to only £168! 

My other favourites are these gorge aviator Ray Bans:

Reduced from £133 to only £85, very cheap for a pair of Ray Bans!

They are both perfect and very versatile so would go with any outfit! Which do you prefer?

Check out for all you sunglasses needs!

This blog post was inspired by a competition running on Caroline's blog, Ergy Erg , check it out and see how you could win!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Miss Selfridge Summer Wishlist

I popped into Miss Selfridge yesterday and no surprises that I saw far too many beautiful things. I love all the colours in there and I would go as far as saying that it is probably my fave store on the high street!

I decided to do a post on my fave pieces:

WOVEN FLOPPY HAT Price: £16.00

I think I will go and buy the dress next week, funds depending, as I think it would be great for the beach (I go to Majorca next weekend woop!). The floppy hat is going be a summer essential for me, especially after these last few days as I have had a killer headache because of the sun so I have learnt my lesson well! The coral wedges are such a dream, they would literally transform ANY outfit, plus they have a nice dashing of glitter!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Club TropARKana!

Ark is one of my favourite stores at the minute, whenever I go in there I find quirky and cute pieces that become wardrobe staples! They stock most of my fave brands such as Motel and Glamorous but also their equally fantastic range Hearts and Bows!

I went in the other week and purchased the hearts and bows skirt in purple and a Influence bralete. I love the skirt because it's a beautiful colour and goes with almost anything, recently I've been wearing it with graphic tees and overstated jewellery.

The bralete was only £6.50 so a bargain, and is perfect for this tropical weather we are having!! I bought the outfit for my holiday in June but I'm happy I've been able to wear it in England!

This season the Tropicana theme has been my favourite trend, nothing says summer like bright colours and bold patterns!

I was mega excited when Ark announced on their Facebook that they were running a competition to win £200 to spend in store, all you need to do is upload your outfit to their Facebook pages (competitions ends 1st of June so get your entires in over the next few days!!)

Following on from the theme of the outfit I kitted my back garden out to resemble a club Tropicana resort - beach ball and everything! And after a few hours playing arts and crafts in the sun my very own photoshoot set was ready!

My boyfriend was not very happy that I dragged him out of the sun to play "photoshoot" but he took some greats pics!

Below is the picture I submitted - what do you think?


Monday, 28 May 2012

Wedding Bells!

I was invited to my Boyfriend's Sisters wedding in Tuscany, Italy (how exciting!) and spent months trying to find what to wear and anticipating the big day, I think I may have been more excited than the bride! I have never been to a wedding before and attending my first one in Italy really has set the bar!

The whole day was beautiful and I have decided I am going to divert from my original carear path and become a full time wedding crasher!

I had several dresses to choose from but kept thinking about a dress I saw in Topshop last summer that would have been perfect, I tried looking on ebay and shopping round for something similar months before the day but to no avail! Luckily, 10 days before the wedding I spotted it on ebay in my size and won the bid, woohoo!

I love the colours and the light floaty material, perfect for such a warm climate. I wore it with a black beaded clutch from New Look and my Sam Edelman heels.

Below are a few more pictures of the wedding, how beautiful does the bride look?! Her dress was a Jenny Packham and she looked amazing! The food was top notch and the drinks were flowing perfectly but I somehow managed to keep my cool and not go crazy, it was a family event after all! Don't think my trademark rap battle would have gone down quite as well in this setting!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Yesterday I wore...

So yesterday was the Manchester City Parade and here's what I wore (along with a huge bosnian flag!) excuse the dodgy photo, was taken on iPad!

The skirt and tee are from h&m and the blazers from New Look. The shoes are stylist pick.

I had made a bad outfit choice as the heavens opened and I was drenched, luckily my Bosnia flag was there to keep me warm!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Festival Fever

Festival season is officially upon us... woohoo! However, this is the first year I won't be attending one! Last year I went to V fest, the year before I went to Rock Werchter in Belgium and before  that was Leeds Fest 3 years on the trot! But that doesn't stop me getting excited as we all know the best part of the festivals is spying on what other people are wearing and pre-planning your outfits!

I've created my festival look from ASOS Fashion Finder. Firstly I'm loving the hat, I think it will be the must have of the summer season. Secondly, the tassle tee is amazing, very rock chick and will look great with skinnies or like below for maximum impact with a bright maxi! To see a full list of the products click here:

I love the fashion finder, a great way to expand the range of services that ASOS offers, from a marketing perspective they really have thought outside the box! If you have a ASOS account sign up and get creating various looks, what's more ASOS regularly runs competitions so a great way to pass the time!

I'd love to see your outfits so feel free to comment with a link to your page!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Maxi Skirt Flirt

You wouldn't think summer was around the corner with the weather we are having but that has not stopped me daydreaming of my summer holidays and rocking my fave summer staple - the maxi! I've selected some of my favourite ones on the highstreet, from pretty pastels to rock chick chiffon, which is your fave style?



River Island


If I had to pick one it would probably be the aqua skirt, I love the colours as they are perfect for summer but the pleats make this maxi a sure fire winner for me!


Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Look Sale Shopping Haul!

After spending a month interning in New Look I’ve developed a fascination where I want everything from the shop!! Luckily for me they have just launched their sale – Hurrah! I’m never great with high street sales, I always catch them at the end and buy something just for the sake of it and then it just goes to the back of my wardrobe! I also never normally buy sales online because I hate paying the postage, but New Look now offer click and collect so I can have the clothes shipped to my nearest store for free!

Have a look at the goodies I bought:

The jeans were an absolute bargain, I only currently have one pair of jeans that I regularly wear so this was a good excuse to stock up!  I’d probably wear them with a plain tee and my boots.
The graphic vest I love! I’m gonna wear that with my high waisted denim shorts, I just love the whole aztecy feel about it, and I think it would look great tied at the front and worn with a maxi skirt!
The knickers were only £3 and they are Kelly Brook ones so had to throw them in the bag! Love her whole collection with New Look, might treat myself to a Kelly Brook Swimming cossie as they are gorge!
And finally the blazer, I’ve had my eye on a few blazers recently but just didn’t want to pay over £50 for one as I am strapped for cash at the min so this one was right up my street budget wise. I love the colour and style of it so will no doubt be wearing it with everything this summer!!

Have you treated yourself to anything nice from the sale?

Friday, 27 April 2012

My new shoesies!

I found these bad boys in George, Asda and I fell in love!

I'm not normally a flat pumps sorta girl because I get paranoid that my feet look too big! However I faced my fears and purchased these cute leopard print flats for only £10!

Sorry for poor quality I'm using my iPad to blog and take pics!


Monday, 26 March 2012

On route: London bound!

So this morning was a hectic frenzy; nervous about starting the internship, petrified about my exam all topped off with hot weather, sweaty mess!

However by 1 o clock all was well, I had done my exam (let's not talk about it) handed in my essays and was sat in Manchester Piccadilly train station eating a king prawn and rocket sandwich! Nerves had now turned into excitement!

So with day 1 looming I really do wonder what I'll be doing and how I'll find London life. I guess only time will tell.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Perpetration for tomorrow...

Okay so my big adventure starts tomorrow- I'm moving to London and will be starting my internship with New Look! So excited, only been to London a few times but I love the place and living and working there will be great :)

But before I go tomorrow I need to go into Uni and sit an exam so as you can imagine I'm very stressed... However I am spending today lounging in the garden listening to music oops. So packing and revising will have to wait till I've spent at least 3 hours in the sun! Priorities.

Ginger has also been really busy and as you can see with the picture below she has had another hard day in the office....

So yeh has anyone got any tips for london?


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pastel Perfection

This is exactly why I am loving Pastels....
The colours are so beautiful and just scream out for the summer sun!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Anywhere Working Tips

Anywhere working promotes the idea of working flexibly and remotely, it really is based on common sense and that fact that we don’t need to be cooped up in an office in order to be productive. In fact it is very much the opposite, think how much time and money a person wastes traveling from meetings and lunch breaks back to the office?!?!  Anywhere working are currently running a competition and you can find the details here and this is my entry!

I feel that anywhere working applies just as much to students as it does to working professionals, so I will be basing this blog on a student focus. I am 22 years old and I juggle a part time job, an internship and a master’s degree so I have no real ‘base’ as I am constantly doing different things in different places, however here are my tips on the best way to work efficiently and to work anywhere!

1.    Internet:  Whether I am submitting essays online, updating blogs or applying for jobs the internet is crucial for me and in todays society we don’t need to be in an office or at home to enjoy the benefits of the world wide web. I often go to cafes on my university campus and will do work there in between lectures, I often have 2 hour breaks in between classes so I use this productively. Iphone and Android users can download wifi apps to find the nearest place to them with free wifi – so no excuses! Additionaly, if some of your favourite hotspots do not have wifi then I would recommend buying a dongle as this will give you internet access on the go. I use my dongle on Wednesdays as this is day I have a 2 hour commute so rather than staring blankly out the window I can spend the time working… or facebooking!

2.    Emails on the go: I recently synced my blackberry to my Hotmail account menaing that all emails come straight through to my phone, I really wish I had done this sooner as it really is useful. I don’t need to keep checking my inbox whenever I am on a computer as all emails come straight through to my handset. I find this comes in extra handy when I am bored waiting for a bus – it means I can get all important emails sent out before I have even left my road!

3.    Skype: University work is plagued with dreaded group presentations which can throw a spanner in the works in terms of time schedules. Everyone is so busy it is often not realistic to have to all meet up in one certain location so I find that skype is the perfect remedy! You can host conference calls for free with anyone and anywhere in the world meaning there is less need for meeting up in person.

4.    Dropbox: This is a free service that lets you bring your photos, documents and videos anywhere and share them easily. This is very useful as you can allow other people to access your work so handy for group work. Also it means you don’t need to keep emailing everything to yourself and print thousands of copies – environmentally friendly!

5.    Diary: Keeping a diary helps you organise and plan your time effectively. I have a small pocket diary which can fit into my bag and I take everwhere with me! Also you can get an online diary which saves you having to carry one with you!

6.    Tidy space tidy mind: Often fellow students say to me how they can never work from home and have to drag themselves to the library in order to get an assignment done… however for me, the library is a good 1 hour bus journey so in most cases I like to get my work done from home. My number one tip on this front is to always have a designated space for work. I clear the kitchen table and bring down my laptop and books and use it as my office, this means I don’t have the distractions of my TV, glossy magazines or bed! It really is important that your working area is uncluttered as mess can be very demotivating! The same applies to when working in bars and cafes, make sure you only take out what you need and that your working space isn’t covered in crisp packets and chocolate digestives!

So there you have it, my top 6 tips for working anywhere! I would also like to add that some people are initially daunted by the idea of working in cafes/bars and feel it would just end up costing more. However, I have found that many bars and restaurants offer lunch time specials making it cheaper to go and eat your lunch there than in a canteen! Also special offers are in an abundance, just last week I had a voucher for a free burger and chips in a Scream bar, this encouraged me to take my laptop and get some work done whilst enjoying free food!

I have written this whole article on the number 37 bus coming back from University, a real life example of how effective anywhere working is!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Favourite Holiday Picture...

Back in 2010 me and my family went on a family holiday to Croatia and this photo has to be my favourite. The view of Dubrovnik was incredible, we could see the beautiful city just resting peacefully on the Adriatic Sea. The long walk up to the top made the sights worthwhile as we sipped on home made wine! We stayed and watched the sunset unfortunately my camera was not good enough to capture the image at dusk so I hope that I can win a new camera and go back and take another photo, hopefully equally as beautiful!

I would love to see some of your favourite holiday snaps!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Boots - I need you in my life!

Jeffrey Campbell, what a craftsman! His shoes are a work of art, a modern day Picasso! The two above are my favourites, they would transform ANY outfit into a WOWtfit! I'll be dreaming of these for now but maybe I'll treat myself to a pair after my exams!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My New Look Experience

It’s funny how one phone call on a cold, dull Monday afternoon can totally uplift your mood, as soon as Olivia rung to say I had won the New Look Style star competition I was bouncing around the room with excitement, in fact I spent the next few days telling anyone who brushed past me that I had won! So Thursday really couldn’t come quick enough for me  (and my friends who were most probably sick to death of me by that point!)

I boarded the train from Manchester Piccadilly armed with some glossy mags and a can of red bull-not that I was short of energy, far from it! I think the hardest part of the whole experience was staying quiet and attempting to sit still on the 2 hour train journey! I arrived in London Euston and at first was quite daunted by the prospect of tackling the tube, however luckily for me New Look gave me clear and simple instructions so I managed to make it to the wonderful Zetter hotel in one piece, albeit I did take a wrong turn and ended up on my own mini excursion through Clerkenwell!  

The Zetter is a lovely boutique hotel that reflected my own style – colourful, quirky and with a touch of vintage- perfect! I soon made myself at home by pouring myself a cup of tea and watching come dine with me and then before I knew it was 6 o clock. I made my way downstairs and met Olivia and Sara and we got to know eachother over a few cocktails in the Zetter Townhouse before we made our way to the Bruno Loubet French restaurant located in the hotel.

The menu was very grand and sophisticated and none of us really knew what to order so the helpful staff suggested some recommendations. I was feeling experimental and went for the Guniea Fowl to start and followed by Veal for my main, both were very delicious and cooked to perfection (not that I know what a perfectly cooked gunie fowl is….). The food was accompanied with wine and laughter, the perfect combination for a great evening! After Desserts (I went for homemade ice cream!) we had some hot drinks and parted ways, Whilst Olivia and Sara took a taxi back home I was dancing around my room eagerly waiting for the next day to arrive!

I woke up on Friday morning feeling very excited and couldn’t wait to get started, I started the day by meeting Kathryn and Olivia for breakfast in the hotel, the breakfast menu was just as sophisticated as the evening meal. Not wanting to appear bloated for my shoot I opted out of The Zetter full English - as tempting as it was- and went for the scrambled egg and smoked salmon, (I guess these are the sacrifices even Kate Moss has to make!)

After breakfast we headed straight to the New Look store where I got to run around picking up anything that took my fancy- which was a lot! I felt like I was on a supermarket sweep trolley dash, but instead of beans and cereal it was dresses and shoes! After I raided the whole store we went to see “where the magic happens” – New Look HQ. The offices were amazing, colourful and had a great atmosphere. I even got a sneak peak at some of the summer stock which isn’t even in store yet! I’m not going to give anything away but all I can say is you won’t be disappointed!

We then made our way to the studio, in the taxi I was feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement, but as soon as I stepped in the studio and met everyone my butterflies fluttered away and I couldn’t wait to get started. First on the agenda was my hair and makeup, which were both done beautifully and I even picked up a few secret tricks of the trade which i'll be utilising on my next night out!

Me and Sara then took to the clothes rail and started to piece outfits together, Sara’s “stylist eye” really helped when combining clothing and I felt like I was 5 years old again playing dress up, but instead of a Barbie it was me! Once we had whittled the outfits down to my favourite 5 (which was a task and a half!) I got dressed into the outfits and did some fantastic posing and strutted my stuff! The amazing outfits combined with my makeup and hair really helped make me feel great and boosted my confidence. We then choose 3 outfits which I showed off “catwalk style”. I had several cameras filming me and I really did feel like a supermodel, I even had an industrial fan blowing at me to give me the windswept look!

Once the filming had finished we celebrated with a bottle of bubbly, it was a great way to end such a fantastic day. New Look were kind enough to let me keep one of the outfits, I decided to go for the last outfit I tried on which was the light grey tailored trousers with the coral sleeveless blouse, I loved the colour combination and I’ll be debuting the outfit this Friday night when I go for a few drinks with girls!

I had the most incredible time with New Look and I can’t wait to see the final video, it really was an experience I will never forget so I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me in the competition and a massive thank you to New Look for giving me such a fantastiopportunity. 

More pics to follow xxx

Monday, 30 January 2012

Giveaway winner announced!

Great news all round today so not only I am revealing the winner of my first giveaway but I had a phone call from New Look to say I had won the competition!!!! So thank you all who voted for me -bloggers, tweeters, facebookers and even non virtual friends!! I am over the moon, I get to go down to London on Thursday and I will be starring in a photo shoot :) - I'll be sure to take my camera and I will write a blog about my experience! I wonder what style they will put me in?!!?

I went into Boots yesterday to purchase the Barry M nail varnish which is part of the giveaway and opted for the Gold Crackle effect, a lot of people have the black so I figured gold would be a good one to give away!

So the luck winner is.....Libby!! Congratulations Libby, I have sent you an email so check your inbox!

Once again thanks so much to everyone who did vote, and I hope one of you will win the £50 from New Look!

Dress Me Up

I love this look - so simple yet so quirky! That burgandy skirt will be mine... going to have to purchase it sharpish! I'm also loving the grey wedge heel, so cute! All the garments from this look can be found on ASOS

Today is meant to be the first day back at Unni however we have had an email to say there are no seminars in week 1, so another day off! I think I will spend my time wisely and ebay some stuff (need to make money to purchased my newly desired skirt!). 

Also, the giveaway is now closed, I will be contacting the lucky winner today so keep an  eye out on your inbox! 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My first blog giveaway/competition! Win a Glam Nails pamper pack!

I have entered a competition with New Look and the winner gets to go down to London and star in a blog video and gets to keep the outfit (wooo) but the winner is picked on the one with the highest votes, so I thought I’d run my own little competition for those people who spare a vote for me!!
So in order to enter my competition all you need to do is  go to this link and just click vote! Simples!! The competition will run until Sunday 29th January 2012 midnight (the same time the New Look competition ends). 

What you can win!

The prize is a fab nail pamper pack! Which includes:
* Nailene studio nails and adhesive nail tabs, these fab false nails take away the hassle of an hour-long mani - simply stick them on with the adhesive tabs provided for a fab look in minutes!
* Nail Foils – quick and easy way to glam up your nails
* Manicure set!
* Barry M Nail Polish – colour to be decided as I will go out and purchase it, the one in the piccy is my old one (don’t worry not flogging that away!)

New Look are also offering every voter a chance to win £50 New Look voucher!

I will pick a winner at random on Monday the 30th January from all the people who have commented below saying they have done so, so once you have voted just come back here and let me know and you are in the draw!! Please become a follower of my blog also. (Competition only open to the UK sorry). If you could leave your email address/twitter as a means of me to contact you if you win!

Thank you!!

For more competition visit theprizefinder <a href="" title=" - home of competitions and prize winning" target="_blank">ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions</a>

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I had every intention to leave my house...

...But then is started raining. I know it sounds strange but I just don't know what to do with myself, I have another few days of holiday left until I start Uni again and instead of cherishing every last second I'm just lying in bed doing nothing!! I planned on today being different, I got up and got dressed - (playsuit and tights... this horrible weather does not mean I have to wear jeans every day) and then looked out of the window. No thanks - back to bed! I suppose this is what holidays and days off are for... doing nothing!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dress me up in...

I'm really getting in the mood for spring, the season that's like the equivalent to a warm-up act for the headliner! Everything is summer orientated but with a climatised twist! Skirts are longer and heels are higher... come summer it will be mini's and flip flops whereas above it's maxi's and wedges. Love the splash colour in the above outfit, just really livens up a crisp white shirt. The skirt itself is a beauty, the way it flows makes it perfect for those pesky winds! Nothing overly complicated with the above outfit... that's why I love it!

Girls on Tour - Bulgaria style!

After coming across the competition on Thomas Cook it inspired me to write down my embarrassing and fun travel story of me and the girls in Bulgaria! The competition ends on Monday and a winner will be announced on Tuesday, with the winner receiving a shiny new Kindle!!!  For more details check out the Thomas Cook page :

I thought long and hard as to which holiday story to relive and after a catch-up and walk down memory lane with my oldest pal, we concluded that it had to be our Holiday to Bulgaria in 2008.

Everything about the holiday was spontaneous- right down to when we booked it, which was on a hung-over Saturday morning, our university loans had come through and we were on the prowl in town for some greasy food relief and as we were walking we noticed an offer in Thomas Cook window- Within half an hour our details were process and our Bulgarian holiday was booked, it’s not every day I hand over £300 without any qualms or thoughts, but we really needed a treat to help us overcome our headaches!!

We managed to persuade another of our friends to book on so flying out in September was me, Leanne and Sam- 3 girls ready for adventure!

An adventure is what we got!! Firstly, we missed our transfer to the hotel as we stupidly got the times wrong and were far too giddy, this meant we were running around Sofia airport trying to work out where we had to go, how much taxis were, how long the wait would be and so on! This was a struggle in itself with the language barriers. By some stroke of luck we bumped into a group of 4 girls who were staying at a hotel down the road from us who had also missed the bus! We soon got chatting and booked a mini bus to take us there and a great friendship began to form! We then spent the whole holiday with Nicola, Sarah, Laura and Evie and they really did help make it a holiday to remember – Thanks girls!

After one crazy night out we left the club to be greeted by a huge downpour of rain – it was torrential!! It was crazy to think in the day we had been sunbathing and then hours later we were soaked! Everyone from the club was running towards the hotel in the rain, it was hilarious!! It was a swarm of holidaymakers all running around like headless chickens – I mean half of us were British so surely we were accustomed to this sort of thing?!! After the excitement of running back to the hotel in the rain a few of the lads we met decided to jump in the pool and we had our very own pool party, with the added rain! The experience was surreal and one I will never forget!

However, our favourite story from that trip has to be my awful Segway experience! After the torrential rain the weather had took a turn for the worse and the sun had gone in (turns out Sunny Beach isn’t always sunny!)  so we decided to give the beach a miss and explore the local town and my friends though there would be no better way to explore than on Segways….  I’d like to add that I’m not a fan of anything that moves for me… that’s a long list which includes piggybacks, bikes and escalators so a Segway ride wasn’t on my list of things to do!

I didn’t want to be left out so I rented a Segway also, we had “half an hour of fun” or so the sign in the rental place said, but for me it was far from fun!  Firstly, my Segway was making a strange noise which didn’t help calm my nerves at all and the faster I got the more loud the ticking noise was.  Then in my state of panic I couldn’t break as I was squeezing the handles bars and not the break bars so I was whizzing through a quiet town screaming thinking that it would never stop, one of the locals saw my panic and started running after me shouting “stop – faulty motor- danger”.  Meanwhile my friends were in uncontrollable hysterics as they watched me have a panic! I finally came to a holt when I knocked into a parked motorbike which was rather embarrassing to say the least! It was then that I realised that there wasn’t a problem with the Segway it was just me being silly and not pressing the breaks! However, not wanting to seem stupid I went back and traded in my Segway for another one… WHICH MADE AN EVEN LOUDER NOISE!! Both my friends had smooth running, virtually silent Segway’s whereas I was lumbered with something that sounded like it was on its last wheels! After the embarrassment of what happened I made sure I was travelling very slow, in fact I was so slow that my friends had sped off in front having the time of their life whilst I shakingly rode through the town slower that a parked car. I finally made it to the rental shop where both my friends were waiting (still laughing their heads off) and breathed a sigh of relief… well until I was handed a late fine, turns out my slow speed didn’t pay off and I was 10 minutes late so I had to pay double for such a traumatic experience!  Me and my friends still laugh about the story now and they can’t wait to get me on another Segway!
Below is a picture of us moments after we purchased them…. If only I knew then what I know now!!

It was a great holiday, I met some fantastic people and had a great time, and just thinking about it has made me want to book another holiday…. Right I’m off to find my passport – where do you recommend?!