Sunday, 29 July 2012

Super Shades

So the sun has been quite the tease recently, it's the middle of summer and she is in hiding but letting her rays loose every now and again, giving us the slightest hope of a normal summer but then she takes it all away and the heavens open!

However I am ever the optimist and like to think that come August we will be basking in the hot summer heat, eating ice lollies and wearing our cute summer dresses that have been neglected for many months!

But as well as dresses there is one other summer staple which I can't wait to have back in my life... sunglasses!

Having a look at smartbuyglasses and there are so many I like!

I'm a big fan of:

Persol PO0714 Polarized 24/57

These bad boys are reduced from £233 to only £168! 

My other favourites are these gorge aviator Ray Bans:

Reduced from £133 to only £85, very cheap for a pair of Ray Bans!

They are both perfect and very versatile so would go with any outfit! Which do you prefer?

Check out for all you sunglasses needs!

This blog post was inspired by a competition running on Caroline's blog, Ergy Erg , check it out and see how you could win!



  1. Persol are beautiful glasses. They are actually from my hometown, turin, and persol literally means 'for the sun'. :) I love them, great design, the metal details are so cool... I want the foldable ones. X

  2. Great sunglasses :) I'm following you now :)

  3. Love the tortoise shell glasses, very cute! And a great giveaway!

  4. these shades are amaze!
    i love this! so cute!
    love your blog! You have such great taste!
    Could you please check out mine:
    would be an honour!
    thanks so much, have a great week