Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Capture the Colour!


This picture was taken in LA when I went with friends after finishing University. It was hard finding a picture that stood out and was different as although I had a lot of pictures that were of blue skies and blue sea it was hard to pick a favourite. I opted for the photo cos it was different and I love the slogan and it reminds me of relaxing on the beautiful beaches which really were spotless!


This picture was taken in Barcelona, I love the quirky little cactus!! The backdrop is the incredible views of Barcelona and we were lucky it was such a beautiful day. The cactus really did stand out like a sore thumb amongst the other shrubs and plants, ain't he cute!


This is probably my favourite picture amongst the ones I have chosen. This was taken again in America, this time in a state called Fresno and we happen to be there on one the most important days of their American Football League, we decided to join in with the upbeat team spirits and don some Fresno Dogs tshirts and get ourseleves to the game! We ended up coming across a huge university field party and got involved with Beer pong and red cups - basically everything you would associate with American parities! We made some great friends and learnt some drinking games to bring back to the UK with us!

The above picture was taken a couple of months ago in Pisa. It's over the Leaning Tower and a cloudy sky, I love this picture because i feel it is so simplistic yet pretty! The leaning tower was a great experience, although I am sickly scared of heights I plucked up the courage and went to the top, it was the weirdest feeling ever climbing up as it was so lobsided you felt as though you were slightly tipsy!


To me nothing somethings up the colour yellow and traveling quite like the statement Yellow Taxi's of New York. I remember when we first stepped out into Times Square, the feeling of being in a city so full of colour and life was amazing, especially seen as we have all grown up watching films set in NYC. the above picture shows everything that New York is about, not just yellow taxi's but people, busyiness and colour :)

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